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Fabio Fusi’s Guide to Florence, Italy

Furla’s Creative Director shares the hometown haunts that inspire his work

Since taking the helm of Furla in 2010, Florence, Italy native Fabio Fusi has instilled his home city’s aesthetic into not just his own designs, but into every aspect of the Italian accessories brand. In the last seven years since his coming-to-reign, the almost 100-year-old company has continued to flourish against shaky odds in the luxury market thanks to reputable craftsmanship and forward thinking.

For a brand that has always based its reputation on being proudly designed and made in Italy, Furla’s worldwide reach is quite a feat. This past month, Fusi continued growing the brand’s presence in over 100 countries and debuted the brand’s latest men’s “travel retail” collection in Singapore, just two years after introducing the world to Furla’s first foray into footwear.

Below, we speak with Fusi about his position, his brand and his hometown of Florence, which he still makes a point to visit every weekend on a commute to and from Milan.

What has surprised you the most about Furla’s evolution as a brand?

The desire to surprise customers and continue to offer them our new creations—something very emotional—with new designs.

How about your role and what it entails?

My role includes stimulating the creativity of my team to tell a story through our products. Until the collections remain a new chapter of a beautiful story, the company will keep attracting more customers.

What does the fact that Furla is “Made in Italy” mean to you?

The possibility to work with the best suppliers in the world, who are always a step ahead in techniques, and being always true to their heritage and tradition.

Whenever you’re making a decision for the brand—whether that’s debuting a menswear line or expanding your presence in North America—how does the company’s heritage play a part in your decision-making?

The Company’s DNA is fundamental for me. I always think of our heritage every time I have to make decisions, both in terms of style or strategic ones.

What is your vision for Furla in 2017?

A rainbow colors, great new prints and decorations. Pure energy with lots of style!

You have mentioned that you take inspiration from many things, including from watching everyday people on the street. What is it about the streets of Florence that inspires your work the most?

The presence of different cultural inputs—how they mix together creating new unexpected harmonies 

Tell us your favorite spot in Florence for…

Cup of Joe: Caffè Gilli in Repubblica square, a historical place, perfect to meet friends and for watching people to get new trends.

Power Lunch: Osteria delle Belle Donne is a traditional Tuscany dishes tavern, very small, decorated with cascades of vegetables and fresh fruits. 

Cocktail Hour: One of the many bars in Santo Spirito square, in the very old heart of Florence, for a very good freshly squeezed fruit juice. 

Retail Therapy: Luisa Via Roma, one of the coolest multi-brand apparel stores in the world and Flair, a furniture store with unique pieces mixed with a fantastic design and incredible style.

Field Trip: Museums and art galleries are my favorite destinations. For this purpose Milan is also very interesting… maybe a bit more.

Date Night: During the spring/summer seasons the outdoor restaurant at the Four Seasons. Located in a beautiful and quiet private park in downtown Florence.

Don’t Miss: “Il Giardino di Boboli” is in the historical park of the city, which starts from Palazzo Pitti up to Forte Belvedere; a place full of sculptures and beautiful fountains. 

Hidden Gem: The small Museo Stibbert has a great collection of ancient costumes, artworks and arms from all over the world.