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An A-List Florist’s V-Day Tips

Eric Buterbaugh breaks down the basics of the best arrangements

L.A.-based florist Eric Buterbaugh—who counts Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore and Gwen Stefani as pals and clients—has a new job. As Chief Floral Officer for new start-up The Bouqs Company, he’s using his talents to create everyday floral arrangements for discerning customers.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the floral and fragrance designer shares The Bouqs’s top bouquets for every person on your list. For a flat rate of $40 (including shipping within the U.S.,) the retailer offers customers 40 modern floral arrangements created with flowers from sustainable Ecuadorian farms arriving within just days of being cut. Molly Sims and Jessica Alba have already availed themselves of the brand’s services.

Eric Buterbaugh

Herewith, Buterbaugh’s V-Day flower 101:


When you want to send flowers to your wife, you should know what her favorite flowers are and order those. If by chance they are out of season, I always suggest sending roses, as most women go crazy for them. Red and pink roses mixed together are always great, but husbands will know their wife’s favorite colors, so at least try to get flowers in that scheme. It shows that you are listening! Try the Depth arrangement.


For a fling, I would suggest avoiding anything in the red family of florals as they typically represent love. This is where you can have a little fun mixing colors and flowers. I love lilies and they’re always a good choice since they don’t represent love in the way that roses do. Lovers Lilies are fun!


For your fiancé, it might be fun to play around with florals that your partner has mentioned wanting to use for the wedding. Mounds of white hydrangeas with a veining of white roses always looks beautiful or try a grouping of white calla lilies in a glass vase with the stems exposed, very chic and classic. Crush and Juliet are two good options!


To convey the sentiment that you love your boyfriend using flowers, I like the idea of creating a single ingredient grouping of red roses. I don’t suggest using fillers for Valentine’s Day, but rather letting the roses speak for themselves. Another alternative is to send an arrangement of black calla lilies. They are chic and skew more masculine and I’ve always received rave reviews from boyfriends and husbands who have received them from their significant other. Our Romeo bouq is perfect for this.


When I’m talking with a client who hasn’t been dating their significant other for too long but want to convey ‘I like you’ with flowers, typically I suggest going with a monochromatic look consisting of all whites. The arrangement can be done by incorporating white roses, white ranunculus or others in the white family. White goes with just about any environment and doesn’t convey romance, so you are safe. The same-day Grace bouq from our artisan florist collection is a great option here.


To say ‘I appreciate you’ to your mom with florals, I like to send hydrangea or tulip arrangements. Both flowers are beautiful, but don’t give off a romantic-vibe. They come in an array of colors and are the perfect flowers for mom and letting her know that you appreciate her. Our Bouqs Buttercup and Knockout are some of my favorite tulip arrangements.