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The Moke is the Vacation Car You’ll Want This Summer

This iconic heritage vehicle has finally made its U.S. debut

If you’re prone to following the adventures of glossy travel bloggers, you’re more than likely familiar with the iconic shape of a Moke car. Airy, windowless and portable, the Moke car is the signature vehicle of any island getaway and has served vacationers and A-listers (like Bridget Bardot and Marc Jacobs) alike. And now, travelers seeking their own taste of island life in the U.S. can score their very own. 

Image: Courtesy of Moke

Starting at $24,950, the cars come in the traditional four-seat frame featuring a retractable hood and open top, perfect for rain or shine cruising. Custom hood options, seat covers, paint options and grills are available upon request for those who’d like to take the more bespoke approach, and the car is offered in a range of colors including black, red, white, green, orange, turquoise, pink and yellow.

The cars are available for purchase at Moke USA, LLC, located at 2100 NE 2nd Ave Miami, Florida.

Main Image: Courtesy of Moke