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5 Super Sets for the Super Bowl

Take your Super Bowl party to the next level with one of these game-changing TVs

The Super Bowl is nearing, and if you’ve been in need of a major TV upgrade for a while, that leads to the simple question: Why not trade up now? While you’ve been sitting pretty in front of the LCD you bought a few years ago, screens have gotten larger, pictures are even crisper, and the TV capabilities are so high-tech and intuitive they’d put the Jetsons to shame. So before kick-off on February 3, consider one of our five favorites on the market.

Sony Bravia XBR-84X900
Size: 84 inches
Why You’ll Love It: Sony Bravia’s incredibly clear picture is only further enhanced by its remarkable sound; The set has a ten-unit speaker system, which is detachable if you’re after a slimmer look. It’s also an industry trendsetter, boasting 4K (or ultra-HD) – the latest buzzword in digital TV technology – meaning it has four times the pixel resolution of today’s HDTVs. Unfortunately for your Super Bowl purposes, content isn’t yet available in 4K, but as soon as it is, consider yourself way ahead of the curve. For the hefty price tag you’ll get superb, theater-quality 3D with a two sets of lightweight 3D glasses – plus free delivery and in-home setup.
Price: $25,000; Where to Buy: Sony stores nationwide; see Sony.com for locations


Samsung ES9000 LED Smart TV

: 75 inches
Why You’ll Love It: Samsung has come up with a solution for those who chronically misplace the remote. The built-in camera on the ES-9000 LED Smart TV allows for voice and gesture control, which means you can use simple commands (say “Hi TV” to access the main menu) or gestures to control functions (swipe to navigate, grab to select). And beyond the television’s features, it’s aesthetically superior to anything else on the market. The TV’s frame is rose-gold; Samsung’s principal designers wanted an ultra-luxe look, so they turned to premium watch brands for inspiration.
Price: $8,999; Where to BuyBestBuy.com or Samsung.com for local retailers


LG Ultra HD 84LM9600
Size: 84 inches
Why You’ll Love It: There’s plenty to say about this impressive offering from LG, but one of the first standouts is its size – and no, we’re not talking about the 84-inch screen. The Ultra HD 84LM9600 is approximately 1.5 inches thick; incredibly slim for a television this big. (Comparatively, the Sony Bravia’s depth measures 3.5 inches.) It boasts 4K technology and 3D capabilities with six pairs of glasses – but one thing that sets the TV apart is its 3D depth control, which allows users to increase or decrease the depth of the effects according to viewers’ preferences.
Price: $16,999; Where to BuyABT.com or LG.com for local retailers

Sharp Aquos LED TV
: 90 inches
Why You’ll Love It: The only way to describe the size of Sharp’s Aquos? Absolutely ginormous. At 7.5 feet (yes, you read that correctly) it’s touted as the “largest LED TV on the planet.” Speaking of the planet, the TV is ideal for eco-conscious viewers: according to the company, it uses less energy than two 75-watt light bulbs and costs just $28 a year to operate on average. Another major bonus: it comes with a free a program called Aquos Advantage Live, which enables a customer-service rep to connect to the TV remotely and assist with set-up, properly configure settings and diagnose problems.
Price: $10,999; Where to Buy: Visit SharpUSA.com for retailers

Panasonic P65VT5
Size: 65 inches
Why You’ll Love It: For those who prefer a more modest-sized unit, look no further than Panasonic’s 65-inch plasma. The front display is designed using a single sheet of glass, so that the frame is barely noticeable and the image appears to bleed off the screen. In addition to a regular remote, the TV also comes with a second controller called the Viera Touch Pad – used primarily to scroll through apps or surf the web using built-in Wi-Fi. And because of the incredibly sharp contrast and picture quality, the TV almost seems tailor-made for a sporting event like the Super Bowl.
Price: $3,499.99; Where to Buy: Shop.Panasonic.com