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Grow the Perfect Garden

Because you always want to make sure that your landscaping outshines your neighbor’s

Think of your garden or lawn as a way to display your personal sense of style for all to see. Feeling the pressure? Don’t fret. We’ve gathered gardening tips from the very best in the business to make sure that everyone—green thumb or not—is able to stop and smell the roses.

Beautiful Ruins: Salvaging with Imagination
Michael Trapp has turned a passion for the decrepit and dilapidated into a thriving interior- and garden-design business.

Rustic Motifs Meet Modernity in the Hamptons
Landscape designer Frederico Azevedo reclaims a service station as A Perfect Setting.

The Latest Trend in Landscape Design
Take your garden in a new direction—plus: planted patios and the return of ultra-vibrant color.

The Secret Indoor Garden
A masterclass in the best, most beautiful flowers for the home by the co-owner of Saipua.

Bok Tower Gardens: A Revival
Central Florida has more to boast than Disney World. Discover a serene garden sanctuary almost forgotten.

Flower Power
Find out how floral phenom Jeff Leatham’s artistic inspiration comes into full bloom.

Plants Up Close
Underneath a microscope, a strange yet mesmerizing new look at familiar flowers.

Blooms to Watch
Two floral experts explain why you might want to skip orchids this season, in exchange for something less traditional.

Looking East for Garden Inspiration
A peek inside The Big Book of the Hamptons.

Versailles’ Private Gardens
A look at Marie Antoinette’s Palace escape—a bright, flower-filled oasis.