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A Mondrian Moment

A survey of the Dutch painter opens at the Fondation Beyeler in Switzerland, with support from La Prairie

Founded in 1997 by art collectors and gallery owners Ernst and Hildy Beyeler, Fondation Beyeler in Basel is the most visited art museum in Switzerland. It also has one of the most comprehensive collections of Piet Mondrian paintings in Switzerland, ranging from important early works to the late classics of this 20th century master. The plan for a large Piet Mondrian exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler inspired a research and conservation project with the two-year support of Swiss luxury beauty brand La Prairie. That endeavor includes the conservation of four of the artist’s masterpieces (“Composition with Yellow and Blue” (1932), “Tableau No. I” (1921-1925),​​ “Lozenge Composition with Eight Lines and Red (Picture No. III)” (1938) and “Composition with Double Line and Blue” (1935).

“Composition with Yellow and Blue” (1932) [Robert Bayer. ©2020 Mondrian/Holtzman Trust]

“As a Swiss house, we are particularly proud to support one of Switzerland’s most prestigious cultural institutions,” says global chief marketing officer Greg Prodromides. “Bringing La Prairie’s support to a project dedicated to preserving iconic works of art from the passing of time gives even more meaning to this collaboration.” Fondation Beyeler will employ in-depth research and a multi-disciplined approach to ensure the longevity of Mondrian’s precious artworks. The partnership was a unique opportunity to give something back to the world of art and culture and  pay homage to La Prairie’s artistic heritage, which is greatly inspired by Mondrian’s minimalist aesthetic, geometric precision, and purity of form.

Piet Mondrian’s studio [Paul Delbo]