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Kevin Nicholas Has The Magic Touch

New York’s mentalist to the stars shares some tricks of the trade

Magic has the power to make people smile. It allows them to forget about the world’s problems, even for just a few minutes. This is reason enough for magician Kevin Nicholas to continue amusing his fans from a distance. Better known as the Modern Mentalist, he’s making a name for himself in the entertainment world with mind-blowing tricks and a fresh, cool-kid vibe to match. Nicholas, who has been perfecting his craft since his teenage years, performs for high-profile clientele at intimate hangouts and large soirées in Manhattan, the Hamptons, Los Angeles and beyond. In fact, he’s had the pleasure of entertaining celebrities like Kate Hudson, Michael Strahan (his reaction was priceless) and Paris Hilton. He’s also partnered with fashion brands including Saint Laurent and Alexander Wang and the New York Knicks and Yankees at their spring training camp.

From the crazy things he does with a stack of cards to his insane fork-bending illusions that prompt a “Whoa, what just happened?” reaction from onlookers, Nicholas has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. “I’ve created a hybrid style of mentalism and magic,” he says. “My style aims to bring a modern feel to magic using technology and culture, like guessing an audience member’s PIN code or predicting what their favorite wine is.”

While there’s no magic trick to predict what the future will hold, Nicholas is optimistic. He’s been performing remotely for clients and parties. “The value of live performances has not diminished—it just may take a different form, such as stage magic versus a typical close-up performance,” he says.