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Fendi to Fund Caravaggio Research Institute in Rome

The institute is set to open in 2020

The Galleria Borghese in Rome has partnered with Fendi to launch the Caravaggio Research Institute, which will be dedicated to preserving and distributing the legacy and works of renowned Italian painter, Caravaggio. As part of the three-year-long partnership, a center for studies, diagnostics, and art history research will be made, in addition a public, online database complete with information about Caravaggio and his vast works. An international exhibit tour will also take place.

San Girolamo by Caravaggio

This is not the first art-related venture for Fendi, the sponsor of the program. Creative director Karl Lagerfeld held a Fendi fashion show on the Trevi Fountain in July of 2016, after the brand funded the renovation of the fountain. Fendi also commissioned the installation of Giuseppe Penone’s “Leaves of Rome” sculpture in the Italian capital, where the famed fashion house opened its first store in 1925. The artwork is on display in front of a downtown Roman palazzo owned by Fendi.

The aforementioned international exhibition on Caravaggio will commence at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles at the end of November, and it will later make its way to Asia. As part of this collaboration, Fendi is also funding the Galleria Borghese’s exhibits for the next three years.