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Emma Chamberlain is Cool and Caffeinated

The social media darling chats about Chamberlain Coffee, mental health, and who she dreams of having a cup of joe with

“Dead or alive? Like, what are the limits?”

Emma Chamberlain, the 19-year-old podcaster, YouTuber, and caffeine-enthusiast, is inquisitive by nature. With the launch of five new blends of Chamberlain Coffee, I had asked the budding entrepreneur who her favorite person to get a cup of coffee with would be. Per her follow-up question, I agreed to no limits. Dead or alive.

“I would love to get coffee with Andy Warhol or David Bowie or I love getting coffee with my dad. So, I think we have a trend here. I like to get coffee with very artistic men,” she decides.

The teen social media starlet started making YouTube videos in 2017 and since then, her channel has soared to nearly ten million subscribers. Her candid nature and offbeat energy earned her a spot on Time Magazine’s 2019 TIME 100 Next List and its list of The 25 Most Influential People On The Internet (alongside the likes of Ariana Grande, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Cardi B). In just a few short years, Chamberlain took her unfiltered and uncensored point of view on life from YouTube to Instagram to her podcast, Anything Goes–and her millions of followers tuned in.

“I love, I love, love, love recording the podcast. It’s one of my favorite parts of what I do right now. I mean, there are so many favorite parts, but, I really truly love it because I think that people need to feel that they’re not alone in certain things. I love being able to talk about how I’m feeling–truly from the bottom of my heart–share that, and have other people be like, oh my God, I’ve been feeling the exact same thing,” she says of Anything Goes.

“Reminding people that what we’re all feeling is normal, but also having a relatively constructive approach is important. I think so many people are like, it’s the end of the world and just being so negative,” Chamberlain says. On Anything Goes, she talks about her mental health, how she didn’t want to get out of bed one day, how she needs to take a break from Los Angeles, Chamberlain Coffee, and everything in between–all with a realistic and approachable outlook. “Listen, we can talk about these things and be honest about these things without being overly negative and so doomsday about it. We’re gonna all get through this and we’re all going to be fine.”

“Even if you’re having a phase of life where you’re really happy, there are going to be days where you wake up and you’re in a bad mood or things feel like a bummer or maybe your anxiety is a little worse that day. So, it is fluctuating constantly and that is so normal and part of being a human,” she explains.

While moods shift and every single day is different, there is one constant in Chamberlain’s life: coffee. Throughout any one of her YouTube videos you will see several coffees made in various iterations. Chamberlain Coffee launched in December 2019 with just one flavor: Original Family Blend. Now, there are four new blends joining the squad: Early Bird, Careless Cat, Social Dog, and Night Owl.

Chamberlain Coffee

Made from organic beans that are sustainably sourced, and packaged with the most adorable characters adorning every blend, the java is good in more ways than one. “We knew we wanted to do characters because there’s something so fun and endearing about that. But, originally, we weren’t even thinking about correlating the characters with the flavors. It just ended up happening organically based on the caffeine content in each blend and the flavor profile and all of that,” she explains.

The instant single-serve steeped coffee bags were a unique way for Chamberlain to integrate convenience into Chamberlain Coffee while being environmentally-friendly. “It is so versatile and anybody can use it. All you need is water and you don’t even need hot water because you can make cold brew if you want to!” Literally, just throw a steeped bag in a mason jar with water and go. Personally, the Early Bird blend has the most caffeine so it is a must-drink for me.

Based on Chamberlain’s honest outlook on mental health and how it can fluctuate every day (and that is okay), it feels fitting that she can’t quite decide whether she is more of a Night Owl or Early Bird or the Family Blend. “Everybody is every character because sometimes you’re a Night Owl and sometimes you’re an Early Bird!”

She goes on to say of the new Chamberlain Coffee blends: “It’ll be fun to see if people choose certain blends based on what vibe they’re feeling that week. We just wanted to have a blend for everybody.”