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Behind the Exhibit: Chris Johanson: Possibilities

Discover artwork in the form of social documentary

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Mitchell-Innes & Nash recently debuted a new exhibit in Chelsea, Manhattan, on view from April 6 – May 13, 2017. Chris Johanson: Possibilities showcases new paintings and works on paper that invite you to physically interact with the art.

Johanson’s work engages with the reflective qualities of making art. “I really enjoy art that makes me wonder. My hope is that I create an exhibit that creates mental conversation and conversation with others. There is always a lot of complexity happening in the world, and I make art to navigate this complexity, Johanson says of the meditative aspect of his works. There is a sincere and direct form of communication within these paintings and sculptures, often described as a form of “social documentary.” According to Johanson, “Social documentary in regards to my practice means I filter the life happening around me and in me out into art. Political, social, economic, environmental all flow into my art. It’s basically contemporary life art.”

Possibilities highlights natural human reactions such as anger, anxiety, hope, fear, joy and doubt. One of the most unique aspects of the show is the human figures balancing in the air, caught in the act of traversing tightropes that Johanson has suspended throughout the space. “The most surprising aspect is the spinning painting. People are invited to touch and gently spin the circular art,” Johanson describes the joy in breaking the fourth wall through one of his pieces.

Of all the sculptures, paintings and text-based works, Johanson says that his favorite aspect of the exhibit will be seeing what happens in the space. “Although I drive the action of my life more or less, I don’t always know what I am doing. I let my subconscious and conscious selves share space in the decisions for the show as I work right up to the opening.”

Throughout the run of the exhibition, two limited edition prints are available as a pair for $50 and all proceeds will be donated to ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and 350.org.