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First Listen: Chase Cohl’s New Song “Love Is A Prison”

The whimsical designer behind celeb-loved brand Littledoe creates musical magic with her newest single

Chase Cohl, the free-spirited creative behind the fashion brand Littledoe, counts Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Fergie as fans of the clothing line. With a style reminiscent of another era, Cohl radiates a dreamy Woodstock vibe through her sartorial choices and most recently, through her musical chops as well. As a modern creative woman, Cohl is the first to agree that she is multifaceted, and her brain is not built to maintain one specific medium, allowing her to naturally add “songstress” to her budding repertoire. “Music and writing have always been great loves of my life, since childhood,” Cohl admits. “I love playing live, the energy and the experience of watching people watch you. It’s sort of voyeuristic, almost,” she offers. Although Cohl says it has taken her a bit more time to arrive at a place where she felt comfortable enough to share her music, we’re all thankful she has gotten there.

Chase Cohl

Chase Cohl

On her newest release, “Love Is A Prison,” Cohl reveals herself as a playful romantic, offering lyrics like, “throw away the key and hold me tender.” Paired with a catchy melody and somewhat anthemic chorus, the song is a departure from her last single, “The Way It Goes,” which was a bit more delicate.

The sarcastic songwriter explains that although “Love Is A Prison” evolved into a surprisingly emotional narrative, highlighting the feeling of being powerless to love, there is a relatable quality to the song that steals from her own candid sense of humor. “It definitely has a massive twinge of sarcasm and playfulness woven into the narrative,” Cohl says. “It started out as my attempt at a classic country song but evolved into something more personal.”

Delving into heartache, love, loss and politics, Cohl aims to impart some sort of wisdom onto her listeners. While maintaining an intimate sound with personal storytelling, Cohl sings with a cheeky sense of humor on “Love Is A Prison,” one of her most admittedly upbeat songs on her debut album, coming soon. On which she says, “The record feels quite well-rounded, offering something for everyone. Or, at the very least, some good, cozy Sunday afternoon listening.”

Chase Cohl

Chase Cohl

The doe-eyed singer is journeying through her musical career with her beloved retro style and folk sound, while keeping a little piece of friendly advice in her back pocket (of impossibly chic red high-waisted pants, probably). “My mate, Benjamin Booker, reminded me at a time when I was feeling discouraged to not quit. He told me how normal rejection is, but that’s no reason to ever give up. You have to keep on trekking.”

Keep an eye out for Cohl’s debut album and in the meantime, enjoy “Love Is A Prison” below.