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On Location with Sam Witwer

The Being Human star says goodbye to his adopted home in Montreal

After four seasons, Being Human is going off the air, but star Sam Witwer says the time he’s spent filming the series in Montreal—a much-smarter-than-it-sounds adaptation of the popular British series about a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire who wind up roommates—has been unforgettable.

“It’s wonderful here,” the actor, an alum of Battlestar Galactica, Smallville and The Walking Dead, says. “Montreal has a European flavor to it that I really enjoy.”

Sam Witwer

Sam Witwer in Being Human

And, he’s quick to add, it’s not Los Angeles. “I grew up in Chicago, so the air feels much like it does at home,” he says. “They have seasons— which we don’t have in L.A.—and that includes a very brutal winter.”

Witwer managed to keep busy enough to ignore the frosty weather. “One of the weird things about my job is that sometimes I can live in a city without getting to really live in that city,’ he says. “I’ve spent half the year in Montreal for four years and I have the places I like to hang out, but so much of my time is spent on set.”

The cast of being human in a recent episode

And while he does admit to loving the city’s buzzing bar and restaurant scene, working seems to be what made the actor happiest. “Being Human has always been a modestly budgeted show, so we don’t have a huge crew or cast, and what we all discovered quickly was that for whatever reason, our group got each other,” he says. “It’s really a mad house, to be honest. We’re constantly messing around, telling really stupid jokes and laughing our asses off. Since the show is about roommates, nobody stops us; that’s why we can seem like roommates, because we act like them.”

And even if the roommates are heading in different directions—the show will air its final episode April 7—Witwer says that doesn’t mean the end of his time in Montreal.

“I’ll be back,” he tells DuJour. “I like the place enough that it’s entirely possible I’ll come just for a visit.”



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