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Savor The Cinematic Sounds of Singer Goody Grace

Since teaming up with rapper G-Eazy on his most recent single, the young artist is gearing up for his debut album

There are time spans in your lifetime or even the most fleeting of moments that are marked by music. The song that was playing when you went on your first date or the album that will always remind you of the summer before college. Maybe there was an artist that you and your sibling listened to together or you saw a live show that really changed your life. Capturing those specific moments in your memory and associating them to music is what curating the soundtrack to your life is like. Singer-songwriter Goody Grace wants to be the artist to do that for listeners. “I want my music to feel like a movie. There is a song for every situation and every mood and I want it to be super cinematic,” he tells me. He adds that whether someone has a Goody Grace song playing in the background of their life or they’re listening to it so intently, hanging on every word, he wants to be their soundtrack. “If people didn’t make music like that, you wouldn’t have certain memories,” he explains.

Growing up in a small town in Canada and moving to Los Angeles officially when he was just 18-years-old, Grace has made a name for himself in just a few short years, but not without a struggle. “I was lonely for a lot of it in the beginning but I just kept pushing through,” he says of making the move to Los Angeles. “But, I’ve always been a lone wandered. It was a big jump but I was ready to commit and do whatever I had to do.”

Grace released his debut EP Infinite in March 2018 that featured breakout hits “Two Shots (ft. gnash)” and “In The Light of The Moon (ft. Lil Aaron).” With a soulful voice and an unapologetic honesty, Grace offers listeners a unique perspective paired with a distinct sound. As the introduction to Goody Grace, the artist admits that his debut EP features more acoustic sounds along with a couple of more energetic songs, allowing him the freedom to evolve as an artist in the future. “Everything is going to keep having different vibes,” Grace says of his future music. “It’s about opening up doors that I can keep going back to and pulling inspiration from.”

With a range of collaborations, Grace has already proven that he is able to connect with different artists in almost any genre. His most recent collaborations include “Too High” with The Neighborhood’s Jesse Rutherford and “Girls In The Suburbs Singing Smiths Songs” with rapper G-Eazy. “Not only is it really fun for fans to listen to a dual song, but it’s also those full circle moments for me to get artists on a song who I really love their music,” Grace says of working with other artists. Also included on the roster of Grace’s collabs are Cody Simpson, A$AP Ant and more. On creating “Girls In The Suburbs Singing Smiths Songs” with G-Eazy, Grace says it took nearly two years before the pair were able to get together. He adds that at first, there was a different song in the works until a late night at G-Eazy’s house. “We pulled up the song and he recorded his verse at around 3:00 in the morning. I was a little nervous because when you do stuff so spontaneously, you never know if it will finish or if it’ll just be a cool night,” Grace tells me. Needless to say, the song is a hit so the late night spent with G-Eazy was both productive and a cool night.

The past year has been a whirlwind for Grace, from releasing his debut EP to touring the country, and none of his successes are lost on him. “I spend a lot of time reflecting and it keeps me really happy and super excited. I’m always thankful,” he says. With long days of press, non-stop touring and late night studio sessions, Grace makes time to meditate twice a day for twenty minutes at a time to stay focused. “Nothing will ever be annoying to me because back in my hometown, I used to dream of being able to do interviews all day,” he adds with a smile.

By integrating acoustic guitar into his music along with bold hip-hop elements, Grace certainly shines in his own right, on stage and off. Listening to Grace can be compared to taking a ride on an emotional rollercoaster, with sonic highs and lows. There are intimate moments for Grace to connect with the audience on a personal level and there are upbeat, exciting tracks that will get the crowd going.

With his debut album in the works, Grace says that fans can continue to expect a cinematic sound from him that can serve as the soundtrack to your life.