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Natasha Wolff

Deputy Editor


Natasha Wolff is the Deputy Editor of DuJour magazine. Prior to joining the magazine for its launch in July 2012, she was a staff editor at Us Weekly. For the last decade, she’s worked for print and online publications, both writing and editing. After graduating from Brown University, she took a position at Harper’s Bazaar working in the fashion features department under Kristina O’Neill. 

In 2008 Natasha was hired to create a news section for InStyle magazine, coinciding with the Time Inc. fashion monthly’s first redesign. She edited the beauty, fashion, parties, culture, health, fitness and hospitality coverage for the front of book section, which fast became one of the magazine’s most popular, online and off. 

At DuJour, she oversees the Cities section, which is one-third of the magazine; the section covers regional news in upscale retail, society, the arts, restaurants and hotels. Natasha also contributes feature ideas to other parts of the magazine, assigning stories to freelance writers and personally interviewing Drew Barrymore, Hugh Jackman and Cate Blanchett.

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