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Noble Panacea founder Sir Fraser Stoddart

The Power of Chemistry

Noble Panacea founder Sir Fraser Stoddart harnesses cutting-edge science to rethink skincare

In 2013, chemist and Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart began his research into Organic Molecular Vessel technology (OMV) with the goal of creating unparalleled skincare formulations. The development of this breakthrough science produced a skincare line that protects and preserves active ingredients for a healthier, more radiant complexion. “At Noble Panacea, we believe in the gentle yet powerful potency of active, best-in-class ingredients,” says Stoddart. “While the quality of the ingredient is key, its delivery system is equally important. Our OMV technology preserves ingredients at the molecular level for freshness and integrity so that the innate full power of the ingredients is unleashed.”

Noble Panacea’s The Brilliant Radiant Resilience Moisturizer

Noble Panacea’s The Brilliant Radiant Resilience Moisturizer

The Scottish-born, Chicago-based chemist is the director of the Center for Chemistry of Integrated Systems at Northwestern University. What’s more: the Noble Panacea formulas are packaged in Active Daily Doses, a proprietary concept that “prevents the oxidation, degradation, instability and bacterial contamination of ingredients due to exposure to air and light,” says Stoddart. “This ensures that the natural integrity, purity and efficacy of our products are maximally protected from final creation in our laboratory to your beauty ritual at home.” The beauty brand believes in corporate responsibility and sustainability, from the wasteless technology to its packaging. “Our innovative packaging is designed with sustainability in mind, from refillable starch-based boxes made of renewable material to our Active Daily Doses that are 100 percent recyclable,” explains the brand’s CEO, Celine Talabaza.