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The SIL Debuts A New Capsule Collection

Founder Natalie Bloomingdale has partnered with The Beverly Hills Hotel on collaboration which honors the legacy of the hotel’s original owner Margaret Jane Anderson

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LA-based entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast Natalie Bloomingdale founded the The SIL to give exposure to designers without an ecommerce platform. The site highlights emerging and often hard-to-find designers and provides a shopping destination for discerning women who want to wear pieces that not everyone else is wearing. Bloomingdale has partnered with The Beverly Hills Hotel on a The SIL x The Beverly Hills Hotel collaboration capsule which honors the legacy of Margaret Jane Anderson, the hotel’s original owner and operator. Anderson’s drive and ambition paved the way for the establishment of the “Pink Palace” hotel that was key to the launch of the city of Beverly Hills itself.  As the proprietress, she played an instrumental role in the construction and development of The Beverly Hills Hotel amidst what was then open fields and farm land. The success of the hotel led to the city’s incorporation in 1914. Her leadership and entrepreneurial spirit left an indelible mark on the hospitality industry and city of Beverly Hills. Inspired by Anderson’s story, Bloomingdale worked with six female-owned SIL designers (Autumn Adeigbo, Cheeky Vintage, La Vie Style House, Tyler Ellis, Keehn Deutch and Smock London) to create clothing and accessories as a tribute to the trailblazing hotelier’s legacy.