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Inspiring Vibrant Living in Houston

From engineer to entrepreneur, Carrie Colbert is empowering women in a kaleidoscopic way

How is oil engineering and fashion blogging similar? Although most would say not so much, Carrie Colbert somehow found herself, after 20 years of holding management and executive positions in engineering, finance, investor relations, strategic planning, and more within the energy industry, fitting into the fashion blogging sphere. Just three years ago, Colbert decided to start a blog, which has now become CarrieColbert.com, a website filled with curated content with the goal of inspiring women to live with more color.

“When we talk about colorful living, we certainly mean ‘colorful’ in a literal sense much of the time. But it goes deeper than that. Colorful living carries with it a connotation of empowered, bold, vibrant living. And that’s what we want to inspire in our community,” says Colbert, describing the mission geared toward not just the Houston community, but women across the country. “Particularly in today’s environment, we feel a special responsibility to aid women in their quests to live empowered lives.” Content ranges from shoppable styles (fashion and life) to city guides (highlighting Houston), and finally, business.

One of Houston’s eye-catching murals, by street artist GONZO247.

Fusing Colbert’s interests, she says, “I also actively invest in female-founded and female-run businesses. Furthermore, I serve on the executive advisory board for the University of Texas Cockrell School of Engineering. That’s another way that I get to give back, by hopefully passing on some of the lessons I’ve learned.”

It’s clear Colbert nurtures a passion for community, especially within her city. “Given the tremendous success of our Houston mural guide, we’ve set out on a mission to document (through original photography, details, and other helpful hints) colorful walls all over America,” Colbert says, describing the site’s most current project, expanding well beyond Houston. “Anyone and everyone can go enjoy the art, take a photo, and spend quality time with loved ones. These walls are bringing people together.” Plus, Colbert will elevate your Instagram feed with more color by way of @carriec.

Main photo credit: Maritere Rice