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What’s New at Bergdorf Goodman

The department store spruces up its ground-floor jewel box in time for the holiday shopping season

This December, Bergdorf Goodman is debuting a revitalization of its first-floor jewelry department. The new look will boast crystal chandeliers, fabric-paneled walls, hand-tufted carpets and plush velvet seating. The space also includes a private viewing gallery for client consultations and features watches from Bulgari and Piaget, in addition to new designer collections.

We spoke with Elizabeth von der Goltz, SVP and GMM of jewelry at the department store, about the facelift.

Why was it important to expand this footprint?
The new space will elevate our customer experience with improvements to how our customer views the jewelry as well as being more intimate than the current jewelry area. We are creating a store within a store. Most jewelry departments in stores are a series of vendor designer leased shops, making these stores all look the same. At Bergdorf Goodman, we have a highly curated jewelry world with almost 75 percent exclusive brands in New York City. 

How will it look aesthetically?
The new space will still be an updated timeless design that will be elegant and glamorous. The palate will go from the ivory it is today to pearl grey. Custom chandeliers created from rock and cut crystal illuminate the room and the jewelry salon will feature fabric-paneled walls in faceted Koto wood, a hand tufted carpet and plush velvet seating to create a residential feel.

Inside the jewelry floor

What are some of your favorite features about the space?
We will have new grand entrance on 57th Street mirroring the entrance on 58th Street and for the first time, jewelry windows next to Van Cleef & Arpels and across from Bulgari and Tiffany. We will also have a beautiful private viewing gallery where we can showcase special jewelry.

What are some of the new brands you’re excited to see exhibited on the floor?
We will have the first Chanel fine jewelry store in the city besides those at their own stores. We are also bringing in Piaget and Bulgari watches and in the spring, we will begin a series of very special trunk shows for exclusive designers such as Carnet, Cindy Chao and others.

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