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A Soho Store to Visit for a Better Night’s Sleep

At a recent event, airweave and Lee Woodruff shared tips for getting an excellent slumber session

Achieving a good night’s sleep is as difficult as striking the perfect balance between a healthy diet and the ideal gym regimen. With the modern working lifestyle, sleep deficits have become the norm—being tired is even often touted as a sign of success. airweave, the luxury Japanese bedding topper company, is trying to make those few hours of sleep count with an innovative product that is now reaching the U.S.

airweave— in participation with New York Times bestselling author and CBS This Morning contributor Lee Woodruff—launched its first retail location outside of Japan. DuJour caught up with Woodruff at the brand’s new SoHo New York City store to find out how airweave has shaped her day-to-day.

inset-Lee Woodruff and Airweave's Allen Cohen

Lee Woodruff and airweave’s Allen Cohen

How has your involvement with airweave made you reassess your personal sleep habits?

I’m at a place in my life where my whole day is calibrated off of a good night’s sleep. I think there are so many things today we can’t control—the environment, whatever is leeching into the water—so here are the things we can control: whatever we put into our body and how we choose to take care of our wellness. Sleep, rest, recharge our batteries.

Do you think that New Yorkers (or Americans in general) place enough importance on the value of sleep?

We don’t, but we know we should. That’s kind of the beauty of this, because it’s an investment. You make this investment one time, but I felt the difference after several nights. I think what’s happening in America is that the concept of sleep is, no pun intended, something that we’re waking up to. And that’s because we’re coming to understand all of the payoffs. Sleep is also becoming big business, and for a very good reason: people are applying a science to it.

Lee Woodruff presenting

Lee Woodruff presenting

airweave is clearly top-tier—what makes the brand stand out in such a crowded market?

It comes down to the technology. When I look at what else is out there, it’s mostly just foam or down. I think there are certain things in life that you want to feel like a rockstar on, and you want to reach for the aspirational thing—you’re not just buying yourself a fur coat, you’re doing something for your wellness.