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Meet The Face of Viktor&Rolf’s New Men’s Fragrance

Singer Jacob Whitesides is the perfect match for Spicebomb Night Vision, a refreshingly spicy scent

The fresh-faced singer songwriter Jacob Whitesides admits that though he only recently starting exploring different scents that suit his personality, partnering with Viktor&Rolf has deepened his appreciation for fragrances. “I’ve always loved wearing cologne but now I appreciate nicer perfumes.”

Since 2012, Viktor&Rolf has been offering the world vibrant and seductive fragrances for men and women. The brand’s newest men’s scent, Spicebomb Night Vision, is a masculine aroma that perfectly integrates fresh and playful notes, making it a versatile and elegant fragrance. Made with black pepper, roasted almond and Granny Smith accord, Whitesides describes the cologne as having just the right balance between spice and citrus, making it the perfect scent for him.

Since emerging onto the music scene when he was just 16 years old, Whitesides has evolved into a 21-year-old talent with a powerful sound and an equally bold personal style.  As a performer, the artist has been able to capture the hearts of his fans through his captivating lyrics and powerful stage presence. “I have so many fans [across genders] and I want everyone to feel like they’re accepted and part of it,” he says of his inclusive audience.

Spicebomb Night Vision has highlighted Whitesides’ youthful energy and sensual masculinity through the accompanying video components flawlessly. The campaign films were created by Inez & Vinoodh to appeal to all genders and sexualities, enhancing the fragrance’s modern vibe. “With our new fragrance for men, we want to showcase the power of scent and continue to play with opposites, which is so innate to our DNA. Jacob’s raw appeal and energy as well as his sensual yet mysterious masculinity made him a natural match for us,” Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren explain.

Though Whitesides willingly shares his life with his 6+ million social media followers, approaching the sensual video shoot was a bit intimidating at first. “I was nervous, until the day of. The team [at Viktor&Rolf] had such a specific vision for what they wanted but also let me be myself, too. It was awesome.” Filmed through the lens of a night vision camera, Whitesides is portrayed as the provocateur, with the grenade-style bottle of Spicebomb Night Vision in-hand. He is being watched by someone, but the multiple ending options for the film feature different genders, purposefully allowing viewers to use their imagination.

Spicebomb Night Vision

The edginess to Spicebomb Night Vision amplifies the idea of intrigue, mystery and seduction, while Whitesides offers a magnetic charm that you can’t ignore. Committed to creativity on and off the stage, Whitesides is preparing to release new music in the coming months, inspired by his maturation over the last few years.

From a teen singer dabbling with different sounds (and fragrances) to becoming the face of Viktor&Rolf’s strong and sensual Spicebomb Night Vision, Jacob Whitesides has matured into an artist on our list to watch (and smell, if given the opportunity).

Viktor&Rolf’s Spicebomb Night Vision for men is available March 2019.