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Do You Know How to Take Vitamins?

From taking supplements on an empty stomach to how to get the right results, New Chapter has the facts

In the world of health, wellness and beauty, trends are inevitable. From the turmeric craze to the CBD uproar, it feels as though people are willing to try anything for the chance of feeling good. But, do people know what they’re actually putting into their bodies? Chances are, no. Personally, I’ve had my fair share of probiotics, biotin and whatever other vitamins that promised better digestion and shinier hair. There are endless brands and bottles to choose from but only a few reveal their actual ingredients and back their claims with science. New Chapter is one of those brands.

According to New Chapter’s Educational Director Charlotte Traas, there are a few key aspects to starting a vitamin or supplement regimen that you should keep in mind. “The most expensive vitamin or supplement that you will ever take is the one that doesn’t work,” Traas says of her top piece of advice. “It is all about learning how your body works and interacts with vitamins,” Traas explains. Figuring out how one individual vitamin reacts with your body is a crucial step that most people tend to overlook when taking a rainbow of capsules in the morning. “Your supplement should be doing something for you. When it is a fermented multi-vitamin like New Chapter has, you’re going to be able to absorb more nutrients because it is pre-broken down.” Traas adds that her top tip for someone who is just starting to dip their toe into the water that is wellness is to take a multi-vitamin for seven days. “The change will be gradual but you’ll be building up the nutrition in your blood stream and you’ll be feeling pretty good,” she says. After the seven days, Traas says to stop taking the multi-vitamin and see how your body reacts. “When you experience the drop, you’ll want it back. As humans, we need that proof.”

New Chapter Multi-Vitamin

A fermented multi-vitamin from New Chapter has more perks than just making you feel good after seven days–you can take them on an empty stomach. “You can only take a vitamin on an empty stomach if it has been fermented,” Traas tells me. If you’ve ever taken a vitamin on an empty stomach and instantly regretted it, you know what Traas is talking about. You will feel nauseous and miserable and never want a vitamin again. “When you ferment your multi-vitamin, it starts to break down the nutrients into a form your body can recognize and absorb. It’s probably one of the biggest gifts New Chapter has been able to give our consumers.”

One of the other gifts New Chapter has shared with the world is their Holy Basil Force, which is an adaptogen that helps your body adapt to stress. “We are all under so much pressure today and with this adaptogen, people will really feel a difference. Your body will be able to handle stress differently and it will give you an overall sense of wellbeing,” Traas gushes of her favorite supplement, next to the beloved multi-vitamin, of course.

Starting with a seven-day fermented multi-vitamin regimen, during which you can take the vitamin as you rush out the door on an empty stomach, New Chapter will take you on a science-backed wellness journey that offers clear results.