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Get Really Clean Teeth At Home With Brüush

This electric toothbrush features six cleaning modes to help you achieve supreme dental hygiene every single day

Once you invest in an electric toothbrush, you can never go back to a traditional toothbrush. The quality is better and the results are simply incomparable. The only downside to most electric toothbrushes is that they usually are not the most aesthetically pleasing. Lately everyone wants their shelves to look chic and cute, decorated with skincare, beauty, and oral hygiene products. From toothpaste to floss to a stylish toothbrush, aesthetics are kind of a selling point for what dental hygiene products wind up front row on your shelf. We found one electric toothbrush that will have you feeling like you’ve had your teeth professional cleaned and keep you shelfie looking cute.

Shape & Style

The Brüush Electric Toothbrush stands out in a sea of electric toothbrushes for a few reasons. One immediate factor is the sleek shape and minimalist style. There are three colors to choose from: white, black, and pastel pink. The black version is a soft matte texture that is smooth to the touch and obviously wipes clean if any toothpaste residue builds up.

Battery Life

The magnetic charging stand is a compact black square that the brush attaches to upright, so it doesn’t take up too much room in your bathroom at all. Plus, the brush itself lasts for approximately four weeks if you use it twice a day. The battery life is super impressive, especially if you plan on traveling with it. Charge up before you go and pack the convenient travel case that fits your toothbrush and brush head.

The Brüush Electric Toothbrush

The Brüush Electric Toothbrush


The Brüush Electric Toothbrush is pretty to look at and it is travel-friendly. But, is it effective? Well, the sonic technology the brush uses delivers 31,000 brush strokes per minute, compared to a manual brush’s approximate 300 strokes per minute. The two-minute timer ensures that you brush your teeth for the full two minutes, and a quad pacer has been built in to give you a reminder (a quick pause) every 30 seconds to switch to the next quadrant of your teeth. So, yes. It is effective.

Cleaning Modes

What we really love about this electric toothbrush is the six available cleaning modes: daily, white, gentle, gum, max, and tongue. The daily mode is a straight-forward teeth cleaning while with the white mode, you can really feel a deeper cleanse afterwards. If you have sensitive gums, opt for the gentle or gum mode, and maybe use the tongue mode after you brush you teeth to get a complete mouth cleanse.

Making a Difference

Brüush has partnered with A Reason to Smile (ARTS), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving oral health in developing nations. For every brush head refill the brand ships, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and fluoride treatment is donated to a person in need. So, when you enhance your own dental hygiene using Brüush, you’re also helping someone else as well.

A complete kit is $80 and includes one Brüush Electric Toothbrush, three brush heads, a magnetic charging stand, USB power adapter, and a travel case.