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Adam Rathe is DuJour‘s Features Director. You can find him on Twitter at @adam_rathe and on Instagram at @adamrathe.

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  • The Best of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival

    The Best of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival

    15 intimate images of the major players from the festival’s must-see films


  • Going Inside ‘Outsiders’

    Going Inside ‘Outsiders’

    Actor Kyle Gallner on the triumphs and the transformation that come along with his exciting new series

    Outsiders might be putting it mildly. The aptly named new WGN America series, debuting January 26, follows a family living in the mountains of Appalachia, who for generations have been almost completely removed from the modern world. As the very first episode makes clear, however, this is a situation that won’t ... More

  • Out to Sea with Toby Stephens

    Out to Sea with Toby Stephens

    The Black Sails star on screen testing, pirates and Michael Bay

    Now entering its third season, the Starz series Black Sails has made a name—and an army of fans—thanks to its visually stunning portrayal of 18th-century pirates in the West Indies. And there’s perhaps no pirate more compelling than James Flint, a captain played by the dashing Toby Stephens. Here, the actor—who also ... More

  • Pop Shop

    A Look Inside Jeff Koon's Studio

    The sprawling Manhattan studio of the world's most famous—and most expensive—artist seems like an enchanted place, thanks to the million-dollar decor and a phalanx of assiduous attendants. But, as Jeff Koons reveals, making all that magic isn't easy

    To hear him tell it, Jeff Koons keeps the hours of an average businessman. “I’m here Monday through Friday, nine to five,” he says, shrugging, as if the operation he runs out of a former warehouse on Manhattan’s far west side were some ho-hum insurance office and not an extraordinary, ... More

  • An Album Worth Savoring

    An Album Worth Savoring

    Meet multitalented musician Eliot Sumner

    If the name Eliot Sumner doesn’t sound familiar, take a listen to the music. While the forthcoming album Information might be the first released under its creator’s given name, Sumner’s been putting out music (sometimes as I Blame Coco) since 2010 and has been tapped for collaborations by big-name artists including Robyn ... More

  • Q&A: Edward Holcroft

    Q&A: Edward Holcroft

    The London Spy star on how acting can be like espionage

    London Spy is less Spectre than it is unexpected. In the new drama—imported from the U.K. by BBC America and premiering January 21—it’s more so the private life of the titular secret agent Alex (played by Wolf Hall’s Edward Holcroft) and not his on-the-clock adventures that drives the drama. Indeed, it’s a ... More

  • A Classic Back on the Small Screen

    A Classic Back on the Small Screen

    James Norton, the star of War & Peace, on reading, Russia and responsibility

    It took six months to film War & Peace—the hit BBC production now airing stateside on Lifetime, The History Channel and A&E—but to hear James Norton tell it, perhaps the most time-consuming part of the production had nothing to do with filming at all.  “I spent a good amount of time ... More

  • Showtime’s ‘Billions’ Is Excess at Its Best

    Showtime’s ‘Billions’ Is Excess at Its Best

    Malin Akerman wades through big money and big drama on her new series

    Almost everything on the new Showtime series Billions, premiering this week, is impressive. Whether it’s the real estate where the series is shot—like an $82 million Hamptons spread that makes an appearance in the pilot—or the toys that the show’s hedge funders play with, there isn’t much that’s ... More

  • A Tony-Winning Playwright Seeks Inspiration from His Own Backyard

    A Tony-Winning Playwright Seeks Inspiration from His Own Backyard

    Alan Bennett's very personal new film is based on a real-life experience spanning 15 years

    When the Tony-winning playwright Alan Bennett first met Miss Shepard, he had no idea what their relationship would bring. At the time, Bennett was a London homeowner and Shepard was a neighbor of sorts, a local institution who lived in her van, parked on his street. When her ... More

  • Exclusive Interviews with 2016

    Exclusive Interviews with 2016’s Oscar Nominees

    This year's nominees sound off on their hit films