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Where to Get Your Next Designer Handbag

Shop Valentino, Chanel, Fendi and more at Rebag, a luxury “Handbag Heaven”

The trend of pretentious high-end designer stores is seriously gone. Just forget about it. Shoppers want to feel welcomed and excited to invest in an item that will stay with them for a lifetime, or maybe just a season. Handbags in particular are one of those accessories that you can keep and treasure or you may want to trade in every few months for an upgrade. From luxury consignment shops to your favorite designer’s boutique shop itself, selecting the perfect bag can be complex or you can feel limited as far as styles go. Rebag was founded by Charles Gorra in 2014 and has grown into not just the online luxury handbag authority but now, the in-store expert as well. With five brick and mortar stores in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and New York City (three), the brand is prepared to grow exponentially over the next term, increasing their number of “Handbag Heavens” to 30. This expansion is made possible from the recently announced $25 million in a Series C funding round, bringing Rebag’s total funding raised to $52 million. Led by private equity firm Novator, this round also includes existing investors General Catalyst and FJ Labs.

Rebag SoHo, New York City

Upon entering the Rebag SoHo store, shoppers are immediately captivated by the colorful Birkin wall. Never have you seen so many beautiful handbags that you are able to touch and try on, all while not feeling uncomfortable. In fact, the stores are bright, airy and inspiring. The walls are covered with traditional designer handbags, eclectic backpacks and difficult-to-procure bags such as limited edition styles and vintage pieces. “Rebag is about immediacy and effortlessness: you can sell your bag seamlessly and instantly at competitive market prices,” founder Charles Gorra tells me of the brand. “Buyers looking for their next bag at Rebag will discover a treasure trove of gems. Ultimately, our curated assortment of handbags are not only beautiful but also competitively priced for the resale market and stringently vetted,” Gorra adds.

Rebag Madison Avenue, New York City

There are several perks to shopping for your next designer handbag at Rebag and one of them is that you are not limited as far as brands, styles or seasons go. If you have had your eye on a limited edition Valentino handbag for a few months, Rebag has it. If you score the Valentino bag and a few months later are interested in a Gucci belt bag, take advantage of Rebag Infinity. Rebag Infinity allows shoppers to exchange their handbag within six months and receive at least 70% of its purchase price to be used toward their next bag. “We have seen a trend where, after six to eight months of use, customers begin to consider selling their bag, generally due to seasonality and the desire for the next new thing,” Gorra says of the inspiration to create Rebag Infinity.

Rebag Beverly Hills

So, what really sets Rebag apart from other luxury consignment shops? The experts at the boutiques and the high standards the brand has set for itself overall. “We own every single item in our inventory, and each item has been thoroughly inspected by our team of experts for quality, condition and authenticity,” Gorra says. Visit any Rebag boutique and you will have the option of selling a bag at the Rebag Bar, as long as the bag meets the brand’s selling guidelines. Rebag only accepts bags from the top 50 luxury designers and quality is of the upmost importance. In addition, every bag that is added to Rebag’s inventory undergoes a cleaning and sprucing up, so every bag is beautiful.

With the announcement of the $25 million in a Series C funding, Gorra says he plans for Rebag to be in all the top luxury retail markets in the United States in 2019. “Rebag will be expanding the team in order to grow our store footprint and technology efforts, in particular for improving customer experience and building upon our status as the ultimate handbag authority.”

Meanwhile, I’ll be snapping my next Instagram post in front of Rebag’s Birkin wall.