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Pangaia Is Here For The Planet

Meet Pangaia, a new lifestyle brand with the environment in mind

Pangaia is on a mission to save the environment by introducing textile innovations via everyday lifestyle products. This direct-to-consumer brand is at the crossroads of fashion, nature and science, devoted to finding a new path that will lead to a better tomorrow. The enterprising lifestyle brand produces products “for a reason, not for a season,” with the hope that they can help consumers live sustainable lives and therefore be a force of good on our planet. Pangaia offers a selection of cozy leisurewear, including recycled cotton track suits, seaweed fiber T-shirts and a puffer jacket made with a fully biodegradable filling using natural wildflowers.

Organic Cotton Cropped Shoulder T-Shirt, $50, Heavyweight Recycled Cotton Shorts, $80, Heavyweight Recycled Cotton Hoodie, $150, PANGAIA, thepangaia.com.