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This Season’s Pumped Up Kicks

Discover the chic new sneaker collaboration between Oliver Cabell and AESTHETNIK

This season’s most in-demand kicks will be the chic collaboration between luxury shoe brand Oliver Cabell and Berlin-based visual artist AESTHETNIK, one of the pioneers of hyper-minimalist photography and the Image Director at Highsnobiety. This clean-lined and unadorned edition of Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 silhouette is limited to just 75 pairs. Oliver Cabell CEO Scott Gabrielson previously worked with British designer Cole Buxton for a limited-edition shoe that sold out in less than two minutes and had a 500-person wait list. Should you not make it to the top of the queue for this collaboration, Oliver Cabell regularly drops other low top sneakers and super soft Chelsea boots in limited-quantities.

Photo by Suzanne Saroff