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Photographer Maxwell Snow focuses his talents on a menswear collection

After making a name for himself photographing guns and naked women, artist Maxwell Snow discovered one key element was missing from his day-to-day: a simple wardrobe that easily transitioned from studio to gallery presentation. 

“I work with my hands in my studio, but then I may have to go to a meeting uptown,” explains Snow. “I wanted clothes that look appropriate throughout the entire journey of a day, and still be stylish if I decide to go straight to dinner.” 

From a young age, Snow was filling the holes he found in the menswear arena with designs he cobbled together. Take the leather vest he had custom made when he bought his first motorcycle—and which he still wears today.

“The experience taught me not to accept what was available to me,” he says, “and that just because it’s not out there doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be.” Most menswear, he says, felt “overly designed. I have always liked sleek, discreet, streamlined clothing. I found elements here or there but no one brand that encapsulated this aesthetic.” Now, Snow will share his sensibility with the masses. His eponymous line is made up of day-to-night staples that he hopes will “stay relevant forever.”