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Louis Vuitton Unveils Reimagined Men’s Classics

Virgil Abloh’s four new styles of the Maison men’s leather bags will launch in the Monogram Eclipse range

Louis Vuitton’s men’s artistic director Virgil Abloh is a renowned creative force whether it is fashion, interior design, or music. He understands how to push boundaries without losing interest or intimidating consumers and based on his work at Louis Vuitton, he enjoys creating unique products.

The Maison men’s leather goods collection features four new hero items in the following styles: Steamer PM, Soft Trunk, Mini Soft Trunk, and Pochette Volga. With men’s fashion evolving every single day, and Louis Vuitton being rooted in its iconic branding, Abloh was faced with a bit of a challenge when prompted to transform a collection. Abloh opted to make slight alterations to the four styles, allowing the brand’s identity to shine in a traditional spotlight and the items to stand out in the saturated world of fashion.

Mini Soft Trunk

Mini Soft Trunk

The Steamer was originally created in 1901 and with Abloh’s clever eye, has been reintroduced as a new business bag that is both classic and stylish. My personal favorite is the Soft Trunk, a retro-looking bag that boasts a metallic finish and is made with a body-hugging supple leather.

Soft Trunk

Soft Trunk

By celebrating the evolution of contemporary masculinity, Abloh has managed to create bold styles that are in no way overpowering. All four bags will be available in the Monogram Eclipse range, an eclectic take on a neutral pattern that adds a hint of personality while remaining chic and sophisticated.

Shop Louis Vuitton’s new classics in Monogram Eclipse on September 27 on louisvuitton.com.

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