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Lori Goldstein: The Bold and The Beautiful

Go behind a new book chronicling the career of fashion’s most fearless stylist

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Lori Goldstein is one of those rare breeds able to turn reality into fantasy through a simple photograph. Behind the lens, the longtime stylist creates magic using storylines and themes to transform her subjects into beautiful, bold and creative visions of fashion. In Lori Goldstein: Style Is Instinct (out October 29), her work is chronicled through four chapters titled “The Sickness,” “The Divine,” “Harmonious Discord” and “Pop,” following a forward written by friend and collaborator Steven Meisel. Each section showcases the stylist’s work with photographers including Annie Leibovitz and Mario Testino.Expressed through advertisements, magazine spreads and celebrity portraits, Goldstein’s style is full of flair and boundary pushing elements. Case in point: the new book cover (pictured right) featuring a bug-eyed model with colorful hair, dramatic makeup and lacy undergarments.

Below, Goldstein shares some insight into the striking cover and gives a glimpse at the inspirations behind her personal style: a cool, wild-child look that spawned hundreds of unforgettable fashion industry images throughout the decade.

What’s the the story behind the look featured on the book cover?

We were shooting the cover story for the September issue of W and I had planned a rich, colorful story with tons of vibrant furs and gorgeous accessories. Shortly before the first look however, our model told us that she doesn’t wear fur and would not under any circumstances make an exception for this shoot. Totally respecting that, I took a deep breath and quickly switched direction. I like to come prepared, changes will and do always happen. The dynamic from set to set will always be different and always come with surprises which is always my great excuse for having as many options as possible.

Who has been your favorite person to dress?

I love to dress everyone so my answer is simply… people! I don’t have one favorite person.

How has your personal style changed over the years?

I think my style has stayed pretty consistent throughout the years and remains very much the same. Though it’s maybe a little bit more wild. That’s what confidence brings, it shapes change especially as we get older.

Who is your style icon?

My Grandmother, Ga Ga Gladys. She was always in leopard, always looked totally glamorous and was always, always bold no matter what.

What is the last thing you put on before you leave the house?

A scarf.

What are the three rules you always abide by in your styling?

Be fearless. Be yourself. Go for it.


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