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A Luxury Watch from Wonderland

The first timepiece in Invicta’s new limited edition Disney collection was inspired by Alice Through the Looking Glass and is available exclusively at the brand’s Times Square store now

Fans of Tim Burton’s 2010 trip to wonderland have been waiting for Alice Through the Looking Glass for quite some time now. Premiering today, the sequel to Alice in Wonderland promises to bring the concept of time to life with a new character played by Sacha Baron Cohen. In the film, Alice must travel to the past to save the Mad Hatter and encounters Baron Cohen as a quirky father time figure along the way.

This adventure has spawned whimsical merchandise including makeup, various clothing and now a playful version of Invicta’s Subaqua collection. The Alice Through the Looking Glass timepiece is exclusively available today at Invicta’s newest retail location in Times Square, and will soon be featured in other locations. The watch is the first in the limited edition Disney collection, which will include wrist watches and a pocket watch with images of Mickey Mouse and other beloved characters for both men and women. The Alice-inspired piece boasts a stainless steel skeleton dial and reflects Disney’s magical style.

“The entire Invicta team takes it as such a compliment that Disney wanted to collaborate with the brand for the creation of these very special timepieces,” said Invicta CEO Eyal Lalo. “It is with great enthusiasm that we proceed knowing that we will be a part of the Disney heritage and able to pass that heritage on to Invicta collectors through our timepieces.”