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Hublot Launches a Gender-Free Watch

Hublot and Garage Italia are rolling out The Big Bang Millennial Pink Chronograph

Hublot has just launched a new and exciting timepiece that stylishly reflects youth culture and streetwear. The Big Bang Millennial Pink Chronograph was designed in collaboration with Lapo Elkann, the founder of experiential creative hub Garage Italia.

The watch is purposefully not defined by gender norms and brings alive the exciting shade of pink that has dominated fashion in recent years. Millennial pink is not only a popular hue but a concept symbolizing the revolution of genders, eliminating borders and seeking to disrupt the restrictions they imposed.

Lapo Elkann has stated in the past, “Garage Italia marries traditional expertise with Italian excellence in a contemporary style which is often ground-breaking. Pushing the limits of possibility – a freedom and a mindset that align us with Hublot.”

This stunning new timepiece perfectly incorporates a youth style with the elegance of Hublot’s philosophy in the Art of Fusion, bringing together the ultimate duo of street style and luxury watchmaking.