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Why These Stylish Sisters Are Trending

From bloggers to influencers, the fashion-forward duo behind @Yin_2My_Yang is taking over Instagram

It seems as though you can’t go a day without scrolling through your preferred social media feed and discovering yet another Instagram-famous profile or hearing the ambiguous term ‘influencer.’ Sophie and Charlotte Bickley are the sister duo who make up the popular Yin 2My Yang fashion personality, racking up 103k followers on Instagram in just two years. With Instagram being the platform of choice for most lifestyle, beauty and fashion experts to grow their fan base, there lies the question: how do you stand out in a sea of similarities?

Though sisters, the girls have quite opposite styles, and that fundamental contrast is exactly what inspired the name of their blog in 2016. As Sophie explains how different blogs were then compared to now, Charlotte chimes in saying, “I personally think Instagram is now the best way to get out there. Everything is instantaneous, so I think it’s better for us.” By shifting their content creation to Instagram, the Bickley sisters have been able to connect with their close-knit loyal fan base with immediate engagement, as any micro-influencer would.

Courtesy of Yumi Matsuo Photography

The two, with their captivating sibling telepathy, passionately discuss how they love the endless engagement that is possible through Instagram. Sophie explains how the “Instagram revolution,” as she puts it, paves a path for users to develop their personal brand, which will always yield the opportunity to evolve into a business.

But, the Bickley sisters don’t just credit their digital fame to emerging into the social media sphere at the perfect time, but their unique sibling dynamics that set them apart from the rest of the fashion influencers crowding everyone’s feed. Sophie says, “I would have never done this alone. We did this together because we saw a niche that was kind of untapped. Two sisters that don’t look alike and are actually different in personality and style. We’re trying to show that.” She adds, “The whole point is that we both have our different styles, but we’re both stylish. We’ll have an event together and we won’t even talk before. But then we show up and always end up complementing each other’s looks.”

As the Instagram revolution continues, the Bickley’s, from blog to Insta-fame, are standing out within their micro-influencer community thanks to their unique sister chemistry that translates from the feed straight to every event they host. Follow the Yin 2My Yang duo here to see what’s next for these stylish New York City siblings