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Bottega Veneta’s Spring Styles Are Dream Weavers

Meet the new BV Snap clutch and BV Curve heels that are sure to be your must-have spring accessories

The soon-to-debut BV Snap clutch has a slim square silhouette crafted from nappa leather woven in the house’s signature intrecciato pattern. Each Snap clasp is made from a single block of thuja root and accented with gold and silver detailing, showcasing the seamless combination of natural and glam materials. Bottega Veneta will also introduce its leather BV Curve heels this season.

BV Curve heel, $1,650, BOTTEGA VENETA, bottegaveneta.com.

The Curve comes in three shapes: a classic mule, a twisted-strap sandal, and a mule that features the house’s emblematic “V” within the arch. Each shoe is handwoven and finished with recycled-cashmere insoles.

BV Snap clutch, $3,400, BOTTEGA VENETA, bottegaveneta.com.