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3×1 Sews Up Bespoke Denim

Scott Morrison is taking on his most ambitious project to date with his high-end denim label

Targeting the denim die-hards among us, Morrison’s 4,000-sq-ft atelier in SoHo isn’t for the indifferent. Sure, you can stock up on a pair of something retail-ready and made in small batches, but the shining star of 3×1 is its bespoke service, which starts at $1,200 a pair and gets you one-on-one time with Scott Morrison, denim brand launcher (founded cult favorite Earnest Sewn) and jean lover (owns over 400 pairs), himself. (Step one: Take your pick among the shop’s inventory of about 175 different fabrics.)

“This is a passion project for me,” says Morrison. “This was about pulling back and doing something really special.” So special indeed that after only a couple of years in the making, 3×1 has already built a fan club that includes the likes of Karlie Kloss, Jack Dorsey, Orlando Bloom and Scott Schuman, who is effusive with praise: “What I like most is simply the fit of the jeans, but the ability to customize is like icing on the cake.”