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The Weekender: Amsterdam

You’ll definitely feel inspired when visiting the hot spots of this magical city

Amsterdam is a dream destination for many globetrotters. From its charming aesthetic to rich history (dating back to the 13th century, if I may add), this elegant yet whimsical city is filled with edgy and dapper moments that will keep you wanting more. Occupied by hipsters, artists, and writers, Amsterdam will inspire the spontaneous and creative alter-ego you never thought you had. With homes on the water, the Van Gogh Museum, and food trucks filled to the brim with Belgian waffles, a weekend in Amsterdam will be unforgettable to say the least. So why wait? Follow this travel guide and find some of the hidden gems in this magical city.

Where to Stay: 

Tucked in an alleyway lined with breathtaking murals, Hotel De Looier is at the top of our list of where to stay. Located in Jordan, one of the most charming neighborhoods in Amsterdam, Hotel De Looier is the perfect bohemian chic home for your weekend in the city. Just a short walk from one of the most bustling areas, you will fall in love with all the cozy bars, clubs, and restaurants the neighborhood has to offer. While trotting through the trendy spaces, be sure to visit the Anne Frank House, only a 12-minute walk from Hotel De Looier and immerse yourself in the tales of history that Amsterdam has to offer.

Hotel De Looier

Where to Eat: 

Your weekend wouldn’t be complete without visiting the ultra modern bistro, Restaurant de Plantage. This restaurant is right next to the city zoo and offers a variety of contemporary European dishes ranging from small to large plates. The outdoor garden seating area is decorated with warm lights promising an Insta-worthy dining experience. Not feeling a full dinner? There’s a chic bar located at the front of the restaurant serving mouthwatering nibbles and fine cocktails to suppress all your cravings. Be sure to save some room for their famous cheesecake patisserie.

Restaurant de Plantage

What to Do: 

One of the most popular and largest tourist destinations, the Albert Cyup Market should be number one on your list of what to do. With over 200 boutique shopping and food vendors, this historical market is one of the most famous ones in the city. Founded in 1905 the market still holds on to its everlasting charm providing visitors with an experience they want to keep coming back to.

Albert Cyup Market (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

You can’t tour Amsterdam and not make a stop at the famously mysterious and enchanting Van Gogh Museum. Drawing millions of visitors each year, the museum boasts infinite masterpieces by Van Gogh including his most famous works, Sunflowers and The Bedroom. Among the museum’s art collection, you can also find written archives by the artist himself and other works by artists who Van Gogh strongly influenced. So grab a hot coffee, immerse yourself, and trail the walls of this one-of-a-kind museum.

Van Gogh Museum (Photo courtesy of Van Gogh Museum)