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Move Over Facebook

Netropolitan is a new social network created just for affluent internet users

If Facebook is starting to feel a little lowbrow for your high-end tastes, consider Netropolitan. Founded by Minneapolis-based composer James Touchi-Peters, Netropolitan is a virtual community that securely connects affluent individuals in one social platform. And with the tag line “The World’s Most Exclusive Online Community,” you better believe you’re in for quite a web experience.

“I and others within my circle felt that there were certain topics, interests of ours that were frowned upon in other social media outlets,” says Touchi-Peters. “Netropolitan is an online social club. It is a place to talk about fine wine, exotic travel destinations, art collections…as it works into your busy life.”

Touchi-Peters emphasizes that the entire service is inaccessible to the public Internet and not indexed by search engines, and all member transmissions to and from Netropolitan are encrypted.

There’s a $9,000 activation fee and $3,000 in dues each year after that, but because of pricey stats, the site is ad-free. So if you yearn to exchange ideas with like-minded individuals without the general judgment of the masses on Facebook, Netropolitan may be the web club for you.



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