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It’s That Toasting Time of Year

Raise your glass in style with these 4 tips from Dom Pérignon vice president Trent Fraser

Trent Fraser, vice president of Dom Pérignon, shares his advice for giving the perfect toast. 

Do the Prep 

Make sure there’s enough bubbly for everyone—a bottle holds six glasses; do the math—and that guests have been alerted a toast will be made. Also: Use immaculate glasses. “You want to save enough clean flutes for the actual toast,” Fraser advises.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

“Hopefully you haven’t had too much to drink; you should save that until after midnight,” Fraser warns. “Be positive and uplifting,” he recommends to toast makers. “People want to celebrate the year that was and the unknown year ahead.” Need material? Work the crowd early on to collect charming anecdotes. 

Read Your Audience

“Don’t make a long speech,” Fraser says. “Keep it short and punchy.” And if you’re not close with everyone in the crowd, avoid possibly offensive jokes. “If you’re working with a lot of people you don’t know,” Fraser says, “you want to deliver a message that’s universally pleasing.”

Do It More Than Once A Year

“There’s so much focus on toasting on New Year’s Eve—but why not toast life more frequently?” Fraser asks. Like the next morning—as in Mimosas. “There are always reasons to celebrate,” he says.