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Smoke and Mirrors

Luxury Swiss tobacco maker Davidoff announces Winston Churchill as the brand’s latest “cigar of character”

Shortly after D-Day on June 10th 1944, Winston Churchill landed in France, lit his cigar and walked ashore. “The cigar had to be relit by a French dock worker, but it was that moment where we could see the magic in his eyes,” Randolph Churchill said of his great grandfather. “Europe’s been liberated, he is happy and he has a cigar.” Much of Davidoff’s inspiration came from Churchill’s multi-faceted traits as a British politician, literary figure, statesman and steadfast commander of World War II.

”One of the cigars we are launching tonight is actually a recreation of history,” explained Davidoff CEO Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard (pictured above). “Sir Winston Churchill smoked a particular format that was unique in both length and thickness.” For the lucky few who attended Monday night’s tasting held inside Chelsea’s ArtBeam in New York City, master blenders were on-hand to describe with great pride the painstaking process it took to perfect each one of the four new formats. It was later revealed that the Double Corona—now dubbed the “Churchill”—was the British Prime Minister’s cigar of choice. 

Randolph Churchill

Randolph Churchill

When asked what Winston would say if he were in the same room that night, Randolph said with a laugh, “He sometimes struggled with America during the time of prohibition, but he would have enjoyed tonight’s celebration. The freedom of being able to light a cigar was a way of life for him, and tonight was a wonderful tribute in my great grandfather’s memory.”