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On Door Duty

How to give your car the garage it deserves

Any true collector knows that the pieces in his stash are only as valuable as the vessels in which they’re stored.  Cigar aficionados will spend thousands on the perfect humidor for their Cubans. Fine watch fans will spare no expense on winders for their one-of-a-kind timepieces. And anyone who’s met a true oenophile has likely found himself inside a wine cellar with square footage comparable to a standard New York City studio.

A Clopay Canyon Ridge Modern door with metal inlay

Keeping cars, understandably, can get trickier. But those who have the acreage for garages on their premises know that their doors—much like the covers of books—can command instant judgment. Arguably no company has much of a corner on this very specific market than Clopay. Since it began manufacturing its singular product line, in 1964, the Ohio-based company has grown to become the go-to source for those who don’t only want to make a statement with their automobiles, but with their garages themselves.

A Clopay Canyon Ridge Modern plank door with narrow windows

This January, the brand will debut the latest addition to its collection of products (made with such handsome, and durable, materials as glass, steel and wood): The Canyon Ridge Modern Series, a set of customizable doors with clean lines and aluminum accents that recall the work of such mid-century masters as Richard Neutra and John Lautner. While not available for purchase until later this spring, sharing the news now should allow for plenty of time to find the perfect Chevy Bel Air to complement your door style of choice.