Drink DuJour: Fall Cocktails

by Natasha Wolff | September 23, 2015 2:00 pm

There’s a chill in the air and we have just the cure for your seasonal blues: cocktail recipes to warm you up from the inside out. Top mixologists have created mixed drink combinations that are slightly spicy and seriously smooth. They’re the perfect companion to a night in with a good book or a gathering with close friends. 

Drink DuJour: The Sweet Wilbur[1]
A smoky-sweet trifecta of bourbon, bacon and sugar maple liqueur makes up The Smith’s seasonal cocktail.

Drink DuJour: Like Gin and Juice, But Fancier[2]
Introducing the Scottish Harvest, your new favorite fall cocktail. 

Drink DuJour: The Mexican Revolver[3]
Love tequila and champagne? You’ll love this off-the-cuff cocktail creation.

Drink DuJour: The Horchata Martini[4]
As far as cocktails are concerned, we can’t think of a better way to welcome fall. 

Drink DuJour: Pisco Punch[5]
This centuries-old South American spirit is making a modern comeback.

Drink DuJour: In Fall Denial[6]
For those with one foot stuck in two different seasons, this deceivingly autumnal cocktail bridges the gap

Drink DuJour: The Caviar Cocktail[7]
“There’s nothing to fear about roe, after all!”

Drink DuJour: Haunting Spirits[8]
Pumpkin butter, apple cider and more create three festive cocktails for the fall season.

Drink DuJour: The Indochine Martini[9]
Here’s how to recreate the fashion canteen’s signature pineapple and ginger-infused cocktail.

Drink DuJour: Snack Nostalgic[10]
Strictly for salted caramel lovers, The Liberty concocts a sweet-and-salty take on the martini.

Drink DuJour: 20 Minutes and a Martini[11]
The man behind the original recipe for Grey Goose vodka meets DuJour for drinks—and reveals the secret to a perfect cocktail.

Drink DuJour: The Coconut Water Cocktail[12]
We almost don’t care how counter intuitive this sounds. Here’s how to make it. 

Drink DuJour: Smoked Pumpkin Caipirinha[13]
Here’s the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail recipe to accompany your delicious meal.

Drink DuJour: Strike a Gourd[14]
A pumpkin puree martini is the perfect cocktail of choice for autumn’s final weeks. 

Drink DuJour: Harvest Moon[15]
Celebrate fall with a season-specific cocktail bursting with the flavors of apple, maple and cranberry.

Drink DuJour: Boo-Berry Blitz[16]
Toast your Halloween evening with a sweet, sour and sinful cocktail.


Pictured above: The Scottish Harvest featured in the Billy Cotton Goblet[17] from the Georgetown Collection[18] on Zola.com[19]

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