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Gold Standard

As the terms “luxury” and “experience” grow ever more synonymous, there’s no time like the present to consider Aurae Lifestyle’s membership and its access to the social calendar of your dreams

When Aurae Lifestyle debuted its singular membership service last fall (anchored on participants receiving a bespoke 14-karat gold MasterCard), it garnered immediate buzz as the type of ultimate personal branding members of a certain well-heeled, successful set warranted. The accolades were not undeserved: In an era when social media requires even the most accomplished among us to cultivate and perpetuate our own selves as brands, who wouldn’t—and shouldn’t—have a calling (or in this case, credit) card that instantly commands respect.

Since then, the company has inked partnerships with equally luxe collaborators—including fine jeweler Misahara and FFF Racing Team, an elite sports car club—to produce even more unique (think: exquisitely engraved and diamond-adorned) iterations of its signature product. But to assume the card, covetable to be sure, is Aurae’s only draw is to miss the point entirely.

Like most other programs of its kind, Aurae offers all of its members access to a private concierge service “with worldwide coverage, personal consultation and lifestyle evaluation.” It’s here where the company’s real luxuries are found, in the form of access to a calendar of global events, many of which even the most savvy of jet-setters aren’t guaranteed entry. In the next month alone, the lineup includes: the British Fashion Awards in London (Dec. 5), the Critic’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles (Dec. 11), and multiple New Year’s Eve parties in more than one city.

Most sophisticates have long known that price tags and products are simply not enough to confer the type of status they once did: On a global playing field, the only way to truly separate oneself is via experiences that, quite simply, cannot be replicated or simply bought. Which might be one reason why, in its first year, Aurae Lifestyle was awarded the best concierge service of the UAE—a region no one will argue leads the world in re-defining the meaning of luxury today. When considering the type of entrée Aurae Lifestyle affords, you begin to realize why MasterCard makes a perfect partner. Like that company’s now iconic campaign, the experiences Aurae offers its members can be summed up in one word: priceless. 


Image courtesy of auraelifestyle.com.