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Virtually There Presented by Performa Visionaries

An interpretive collaboration between over 30 artists exploring humans and the digital age

Nearly 100 years ago, a Bauhaus ballet by Oskar Schlemmer, Triadisches Ballett, debuted, focusing on the human’s codependency with machines. Today, the way technology and new media affect our lives is common ground, but new performance art show Virtually There explores it in an impressive and exciting way.

Photo Credit: Maria Baranova

Co-curators Mafalda Millies and Roya Sachs made the decision to delve into the original concept of “man meets machine” that still resonates with humans nearly a century later. Working with more than 30 especially talented choreographers, artists and designers, the three-part performance premiered on November 19th at Mana Contemporary hosted by Performa Visionaries.

The avant-garde costumes were created by the Brazilian Campana brothers, choreography by “punk ballerina” Karole Armitage, staging was designed by artists Kate Gilmore and Heather Rowe, lighting by Herrick Goldman and music by Charles Derenne.

Photo Credit: Maria Baranova

The performance focuses on how people interact with digital technology. The idea of being “virtually there” is very palpable as our reliance on technology grows stronger with each and every Tweet we send. An even more interesting concept is that the digital age relies on us just as much as we are dependent on it.

From the pulsating music to the Bauhaus inspired costumes, Virtually There incorporated some incredible individual aspects that together, make a fascinating live performance that stands out in our digitally saturated world.

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Photo Credit: Accordion Man by Maria Baranova