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Meet Three of The Six Wives From SIX The Musical

Meet Three of The Six Wives From SIX The Musical

Broadway is back with an empowering original musical about the six wives of Henry VIII

Adrianna Hicks as Catherine of Aragon

How she’s getting ready to get back to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre for SIX the musical: “I’m making myself a beautiful sanctuary at home to come back to every night after the show. What we do onstage is a challenge eight shows a week. Having a place to rest mentally and physically is super important.”

Brittney Mack as Anna of Cleves

What she loves about performing: “There’s no other art form like live theater. It has the ability to transform lives and provoke change. And I want to be a part of that change for the next brown-skinned girl.”

Anna Uzele as Catherine Parr

Dream role: “In all honesty, this one.”
What she’ll do when first back on stage: “I’m going to love-tackle my girls to the floor.”

Tickets for SIX the musical are on sale here

Main image: From left, Adrianna Hicks, Brittney Mack and Anna Uzele