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Rose Bar Gallery Presents Nick Walker: Bridges

A rotating pop-up exhibit beyond the four walls of the Gramercy Park Hotel

New York City’s Rose Bar’s Creative Director Matt Green wanted to curate a space that would offer more authentic experiences for guests while they admire incredible art. From cocktails on behalf of Ilegal Mezcal to the special performance by musical group, Daisy Glaze, the Rose Bar Gallery, in conjunction with Billboard4.org, hit all the right notes last night while offering an intimate arena for an experiential exhibit.

Photo Credit: BFA

The Rose Bar Gallery is a rotating exhibit featuring artists who have a genuine passion for their craft. The space allows for a sense of community to develop and for these shared personal experiences to exist outside of the four walls of Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel. For its second exhibit, the Rose Bar Gallery featured street artist Nick Walker’s newest series, The Bridges, featuring a collection of five original works in homage to New York’s legendary bridges.

Photo Credit: BFA

Vandal artist Walker has been an icon in the street art community since the 1980s. From traditional graffiti murals dripping over the brick walls of Bristol, England to pioneering the stencil phenomenon, Walker is a creator who knows no limits.

He depicts himself in some of his most famous recurring characters such as Vandal and Apish Angel. As he evolves and discovers more innovative artistic techniques, he persuades the art community to grow as well. He’s been credited to having influenced fellow Bristol street artist, Banksy, among other stencil artists.

Photo Credit: BFA

Proceeds of his Bridges series will benefit the Coalition for the Homeless, which provides emergency food and clothing, eviction prevention, crisis services, permanent housing, job training and programs for youth for more than 3,500 homeless New Yorkers each day.