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The Leftovers star on filming her first TV show and how she’d spend her day if the world were to end tomorrow

It’s an average October day when 2 percent of the world’s population simply disappears. Three years later, in one leafy, suburban town, things have only gotten stranger. That’s where The Leftovers, a creepy, compelling new series from HBO, beginning in June, comes in.

In the series Liv Tyler, the former music-video vixen and Lord of the Rings star, makes her TV debut as Meg, a steely survivor targeted by a newly formed group of fanatics. Here, Tyler discusses the perks of the small screen and her own brand of disaster preparedness.

This is your first TV series. Why pick The Leftovers?

I was dreaming about what it would be like to spend a long time on a character, and this project came from out of nowhere. I read it and knew Meg was for me. I was drawn to the role and pursued it; I really went after them.

The show’s rather dark.

One thing I love about this show is it reminds me of The Twilight Zone. I like things slightly off.

Does a job like this make you rethink disasters? 

I do worry about how I‘d react in a crisis. Some people have elaborate plans and things ready to go. I haven’t taken it that far.

If a crisis was imminent, how would you pass your remaining time?

I’m wildly nostalgic and always think about what if tomorrow never comes. I would spend it exactly the way I am spending it today, at home with my son and my dog.



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