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Bruce Weber’s Leap of Faith

The fashion photographer presents a moving new book with pictures and stories of uniquely brave individuals

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All-American Volume XV: Leap of Faith, the latest edition of iconic photographer Bruce Weber’s annual arts journal, is bound by the unifying theme of being brave. The tales of courageous individuals in the book range from heartbreaking (snapshots of war from photojournalists Thérèse Bonney and Lynsey Addario) to playful (adorable tigers and bears at the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in rural Georgia).

Weber curated the collection along with fellow editors Nan Bush, Nathaniel Kilcer, Matthew Richards and Skylar Pittman. In addition to vintage photos, paintings and work from other legendary photographers, Weber’s own work is featured, including pictures of football player Rob Gronkowski, whom Weber also photographed for DuJour.

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All-American Volume XV: Leap of Faith, $125, teneues.com