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Hennessy and Maluma Blend Tradition and Creativity

The luxury Cognac producer tapped the Colombian singer to create a limited-edition offering for the stylish mixologist

The bold, rich flavors of Hennessy Cognac are synonymous with the brand’s heritage and luxurious legacy. Hennessy has always maintained an appreciation for diverse cultures, the celebration of family, and of course, a good cocktail. The brand has teamed up with a range of artists and influential figures over the years to showcase how spirits can mix flawlessly with art, fashion, music, and beyond. One of the brand’s last collaborations involved fashion retailer Opening Ceremony and brought to life cultural exploration through fashion in the form of a limited-edition travel bag. Stylish and spirited.

Hennessy’s most recent partnership is with Colombian singer Maluma. The pair share an enthusiasm and passion for testing their boundaries and bringing innovative ideas to reality. Maluma’s musical journey is centered around his mentality that limits are meant to be pushed and creativity should be encouraged. The Hennessy x Maluma 11:11 Cocktail Kit pays homage to the global superstar’s “Never stop. Never settle” mantra and was truly inspired by his collaborative spirit and dynamic music.

The elevated cocktail kit is centered around a reimagined Old Fashioned. The kit comes with a 750ml bottle of Hennessy V.S. and a step-by-step recipe with all the ingredients to make eight cocktails. The first 25 kits will include a Hennessy V.S. bottle autographed by Maluma. The first five orders placed for the limited-edition kit will also receive a pair of particularly special sunglasses from Bristol Studios, inspired by Maluma’s aesthetic. The shades were designed in collaboration between Hennessy and Luke Tadashi, creative director of Bristol Studio. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, the stylish sunnies feature steel frames dipped in 14K gold, and 14K gold-dipped medallions to represent both Maluma and Hennessy.

The Hennessy x Maluma 11:11 Cocktail Kit ($110) is available exclusively through Cocktail Courier or Hennessy’s Limited-Edition Sweepstakes starting December 5 .