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Bobbi Dick’s Children’s Book Gives Back to Fur Babies

The former Broadway star and wife of wine exec Mel Dick penned a book to benefit The Humane Society of Greater Miami

This heart-warming tale is one for the animal lover. Devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and animal rights advocate, Bobbi Dick, is starting the next chapter of her life as an author with the recent release of her first book titled, 1 + 9: The Story of Blanchette. Aimed at children and adults alike, the whimsical story details the adventures of the cutest little white poodle who lives happily with her humans including her mom, Bobbi; her dad, Mel; and siblings, Melanie and Lana. Filled with colorful, adorably illustrated pages, the short read delivers a message of love, family, change, and life lessons. Most importantly, the proceeds from the book support The Humane Society of Greater Miami and Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

Coming off the heels of the prestigious Miami Book Fair, where she was a featured author (her dream come true), Dick celebrates helping fur babies find their forever homes just in time for the holidays with the successful sale of her book at BooksandBooks.com. As Dick puts it,”The unconditional love animals provide is a joy and a gift.” We happen to agree with her.

Was writing a book always something you wanted to do?

I wrote the book a while ago. I waited till now to release it as timing is everything. For me, now is the right time as I’m embarking upon new projects. Writing is just one of them. I’ll admit that writing does come naturally to me. I love writing. It’s very rewarding and it’s great fun.

Is the story based on an event from your life or a particular moment in time?

The book is true to life. It’s the story of how our toy poodle Blanchette (‘the little white one’) and her nine cat “siblings” helped complete our family [me, my wonderful husband, and our two divine daughters] and enhance our lives. The message is this: Dogs and cats make people happy, they make families stronger, they are magical creatures that bring love and comfort to one and all.

What is your favorite aspect of the book?

My favorite aspect is its core message. As an animal rights advocate and an animal lover, my hope is that my book will inspire others to bring animals into their lives, into their families, into their homes, and into their hearts.

Any other fun facts about the book that our
readers should know?

Too many to count! It took me 40 years to tell this story. Waiting until the moment was right has made it a better book. With the passage of time and experience comes clarity and a better understanding of life and love. I hope with all my heart that readers will feel that.

Do you have other books in the pipeline?

Absolutely. I’m working on it now. A tentative title is: “It’s raining cats and dogs.” It’s about all our four-legged friends, including our two hairless Sphynx cats: Champagne and Caviar.