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Watch Me

In her candid new memoir, Anjelica Huston tells the story of life and love in Hollywood

Anjelica Huston knows a thing or two about Hollywood. The actress, who won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Maerose Prizzi in Prizzi’s Honor, has starred in The Royal Tenenbaums and The Grifters, among other cult favorites films.

In her latest work, a second volume memoir titled Watch Me, Huston spills details of her not-so-private life as a newcomer to Hollywood and opens up about her 17-year, high-profile relationship with fellow actor Jack Nicholson, the death of her father, legendary director John Huston, her marriage to sculptor Robert Graham and much more.

On November 10, New York’s it-crowd celebrated Huston and her new book in a private event in New York City hosted by The Week, CHEFS CLUB BY FOOD & WINE and Scribner.

Watch Me: A Memoir, $19.88, amazon.com