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Juli Mosoff

Senior Web Producer


Julianne Mosoff—better known by her nickname, Juli—is a contributing web writer for DuJour. A journalism graduate of New York University, Juli’s written about everything from growing organic tomatoes at Prevention to Katy Perry’s hair at OK! before settling into the arts and culture niche at DuJour. In her spare time, Juli likes to traipse about New York City and the surrounding boroughs, usually with an iced coffee in hand, taking pictures of graffiti and street art and anything else interesting that comes her way. 

Recent Articles
  • If Walls Could Talk…

    The Wildest Stories to Ever Come Out of the Chelsea Hotel

    An inside look into the endlessly fascinating—and often disturbing—history of the Chelsea Hotel

    "One day there was a huge thunderstorm as I happened to be crossing 23rd Street at 7th Avenue," said biographer Sherill Tippins at a recent book signing at the Strand. "I was jumping over a large puddle and looked up to see the Chelsea Hotel, storm clouds roiling overhead, when ... More

  • The Sustainable Side of Modern Resorts

    The Sustainable Side of Modern Resorts

    A new surge of eco-minded hotels is minimizing the impact of adventurous travelers

    A new breed of far-and-wide travelers is emerging—the socially responsible type. As global sustainability issues continue making headlines, hotels and resorts have rallied behind green principles like recycling, energy efficiency and water/resource conservation. But with tourism accounting for an entire 5% of worldwide carbon emissions, the number of ... More

  • Drink DuJour: Haunting Spirits

    Drink DuJour: Haunting Spirits

    Pumpkin butter, apple cider and more create three festive cocktails for the season

    The air is crisp, the pumpkins are carved, the haute Halloween treats are purchased—go on, you deserve a stiff drink. New York restaurants are happy to oblige. "Halloween is a celebration of so many symbols," says Remi Laba, co-owner of New York's Bagatelle restaurant. "We found that the Calico ... More

  • Modernity from the Outside In

    Modernity from the Outside In

    Architect Federico Delrosso explains how all-encompassing European design is ready to take over New York

    "I like to say that I do interior architecture, not interior design," says Federico Delrosso, who is known for his incredibly functional, modern spaces. By taking over an entire space, inside and out, the Italian architect has built his career on creating cohesion between the two, a global ... More

  • A Tour Through the 2015 Kips Bay Decorator Show House

    A Tour Through the 2015 Kips Bay Decorator Show House

    Over 20 design teams were given a room each to decorate inside this $35 million New York City mansion—see the smorgasbord of (very chic) trends


  • China: Through the Looking Glass

    China: Through the Looking Glass

    The Costume Institute's biggest show ever highlights how Western fashion and art is inspired by Chinese design

    Entering this year's Costume Institute exhibition, the ambitious and extravagant China: Through the Looking Glass, is akin to opening the door to Wonderland. The lights are dim, the pathways twisted, the walls lined with mirrors in a disorienting display of reflective surfaces. But don't fret, dear reader. Once your eyes adjust ... More

  • What to Do in NYC’s Meatpacking District

    What to Do in NYC’s Meatpacking District

    After a visit to the neighborhood's new Whitney Museum of American Art, dine, drink and enjoy all that the area has to offer

    If you're not accustomed to downtown Manhattan's west side, it can truly feel like an alien land. The architecture is shorter and oddly industrial, the river's proximity makes the air breezier and the streets are made of cobblestone. But with the recent relocation of the previously Upper East Side-based Whitney ... More

  • Getting Lucky at ‘Queen of the Night’

    Getting Lucky at ‘Queen of the Night’

    Push your comfort zone even further at the show’s new after-hours karaoke party

    Make no mistake: "Queen of the Night // Diamond Horseshoe," the immersive theater experience that's taken New York City by storm, isn't for the faint of heart. Without giving too much away (the element of surprise is the best part), guests at the subterranean ball are asked to push the ... More

  • Fashioning Andrew Bolton

    Fashioning Andrew Bolton

    The famed Met Costume Institute curator gets candid about winning this year's Vilcek Prize in Fashion

    Hundreds of thousands of years after the very first garments were worn in caves, fashion as a fine-art form is finally getting its due. While clothing was once regarded as more of an applied art, these days curators are focusing on clothing's historical significance and cultural importance. One of this movement’s ... More

  • Inside a Zen Oasis

    Inside a Zen Oasis

    Take a tour of luxury resortwear designer Marie France Van Damme's stunning Hong Kong house